Wednesday, June 18, 2014

18 June 2014: Field Trip

As the day started out sunny, we were all hoping that the weather would hold out and we could return to the trenches. It turned out that some areas were dry enough to dig, and we spent the morning hours clearing some areas and continuing excavations. The team at façade sounding 3 cleared the rest of the area to the northwest of the doorsill and found that the opus signinum flooring extends throughout the entire area and seems to match the flooring found in the southeastern corner of façade sounding 4. More opus signinum flooring was found in the western castellum 10000 block, and in façade sounding 4 more of the new wall was cleared.

We took lunch early and then went on a field trip to Roselle with the accompaniment of Dr. Bernard D. Fisher (Indiana University) and Dr. Paolo Livorani (Florence). Dr. Livorani gave us a tour of the site and then we did some exploring ourselves, especially looking at two of the three bath complexes there. The amphitheater on the north hill was quite a sight and we discovered that the acoustics amplified the voice of anyone who spoke while standing in the theater—leading to some hilarious results. The vistas from the top of the hills over Tuscany were amazing as well as you can see from the photos below.

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