Thursday, June 19, 2014

19 June 2014: Greetings from East Terminal Wall 2

Things in East Terminal Wall have been heating up--or rather cooling down--as we are currently deep enough both to have created our own shade and to be excavating in a relatively moist soil around various, confusing, architectural features.  Today further revealed what may be a buttressing feature attached to the stone portion of ETW, which additionally is abutted by a potential channel feature.  Christina and I had a blast contorting ourselves in order to approach the features, which have left us feeling a bit puzzled and quite sore.  Currently, it seems as if there are three distinct phases of this section of ETW:  1.) the unmortared stone wall, 2.) a bricked wall covered with cocciopesto, a water proofing material, and 3) a somewhat haphazard mortar and stone buttressing phase.  Hopefully the last few days of excavation will clear everything up!

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