Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day 12: Rain Delays

After two weeks of beautiful sunshine, we arrived at site Monday morning to find most of the trenches flooded from the showers of the past weekend. Thunderclouds threatened all morning as we worked in the museum courtyard on cataloguing and various other projects, but by lunchtime we were driven into the magazino to work while it drizzled. On the bright side, we can now confirm that the floors uncovered last week in Facade Soundings 3 & 4 are waterproof!

The situation on site was a bit dryer today, and a new trench near the Western Castellum was opened to uncover the extension of the large standing wall visible in the background of the above photo. We were also able to take some elevations and continue more cataloguing in the magazino.

Since that is the extent of the news to share from the past two days, I’ll just mention the trip most of the team took this past Saturday to Viterbo. The city, which is located in northern Lazio, is known for the medieval district that preserves the appearance it had in the 13th century. 

It was fairly sunny for the gorgeous drive there through southern Tuscano, but by the time we had parked and found a restaurant for lunch, the skies opened up. After we had all stuffed ourselves with pasta and mozzarella di buffalo, the group split up to shop, sightsee, and visit the city’s archaeological museum, which has a very nice collection of Etruscan material from San Giovale and Aquarossa. All said, it was a rainy but fun weekend, and hopefully work can resume soon in the trenches!

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