Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Day 3: Digging, The Cistern, and Aerial Photography

CIAO! from the Cosa Excavations 2014!

Day 3 at Cosa began with photographing and 'opening' the trenches.  It is important to document the state of the trenches at the beginning and end of the day's work.

The Bath complex (center) where the trenches are located

There are three currently open trenches: Facade Sounding 3, Facade Sounding 4, and East Terminal Wall 2.  All of these are continuations of the trenches from the 2013 season.

Before lunch, everyone gathered for a foray into Cosa's cistern, descending a ladder into what today looks like a large swimming pool.  The cistern is lined with the water-proof Roman concrete 'cocciopesto', to prevent the water that once filled it from seeping out into the surrounding soil.  In the center are four pillars, which are assumed to be the remains of supports for some type of roofing or covering.

The Cistern at Cosa

In the afternoon, Matt (that's me - I'm writing this!) fired up the UAV and did a photogrammetry (process of creating a 3d model from photographs) campaign on the cistern.  The winds were fierce and the sun was hot, but somehow he managed to soldier through and safely land, while the others watched on in awe from their hands and knees, in the dirt of the nearby trenches.

The site of Cosa with the Monte Argentario (right) in the background

The photogrammetry campaign completed, I sent the UAV up twice more, to take aerial video of the site and surrounding landscape, which I then edited into a totally sweet video, that I'm currently trying to upload to YouTube, with little success, due to what has come to be referred to as "the internet situation".

Hopefully some of the aerial footage and imagery will be up and view-able soon!  (actually the above cistern image is pulled from a video).

-Matthew Brennan

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