Thursday, June 5, 2014

Day 4: Digging, more digging, and probably more digging.

Today's digging began with multiple exciting finds:
Facade Sounding 3 discovered an architectural terracotta, Facade Sounding 4 uncovered a marble inscription, and East Terminal Wall found a campana plaque of the Silenus variety.  All of this happened prior to lunch.

After lunch was far less exciting for the three trenches. Dr. Scott and Luca forayed into the underground cistern system again to clear a blocked drain connected to the southern side of the baths. The clangs of their hand-picks and trowels could be heard reverberating from the ruined walls above. Likewise, Luca says the walls of the cistern shook every time Stephen drove his pickaxe into the ground above. Because Stephen is probably Paul Bunyan in disguise. We sure will miss him when he leaves for the Roman Peasant Project this coming Saturday. (I think it's a ruse. He's probably going to go look for his giant blue ox, Babe).

The day ended with multiple visitors to the site, and a sorting of yesterday's finds. What is on tomorrow's agenda? Probably digging. I hope I find Hannibal's secret treasure an inscription.

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