Friday, June 6, 2014

Day 5: Walls

Today is Friday, which marks the end of our first week excavating at Cosa! The focus in all three trenches today seemed to be on walls. Facade Sounding 3 spent the day investigating the strange, plaster-lined feature that runs alongside the wall in the center of the trench. Hopefully, next week we'll uncover some more evidence that will clear up this mysterious feature. Facade Sounding 4 welcomed a friend from last season, Leslie Thorne, who uncovered the wall running north in the trench. Eastern Terminal Wall 2 discovered that the wall they were digging near continued, but in a completely different material. Heading south, the material of the wall suddenly switched from brick to stone. The Western Castellum area, which is being examined by Professor Scott, Professor DeGiorgi, and guests, Jill Weber, Evan Malone, and Landon Thorne, began reporting on their trenches. We hope that this crucial area can tell us more about how the bath was supplied with water from the large cistern from across the street. Now we'll break for the weekend and say goodbye to two of our team - Stephen Collins-Elliot and Caroline Cheung - as they head out to join other projects. We'll miss them!!
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  1. I miss you all already!! Hope the season is going well and am looking forward to the next post.