Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day 8: Excavations Continue!

We continued our work in all three trenches today and work was also done in the large reservoir to the south of the bath complex.

Plaster is appearing in both Facade Soundings 3 and 4, still preserved on the wall in some places. In Facade Sounding 4, the bench feature that was partially uncovered last season was shown to continue into the new trench, although the designation of the feature as a bench is now in question. In Facade Sounding 3, work on a similar feature began and an architectural terracotta (antefix) was uncovered within the area.
Architectural Terracotta from Facade Sounding 3

In East Terminal Wall, more of the wall and flooring was uncovered, although the pavement doesn't cover the entire trench. They will continue pursuing the drainage channel in the near future. 

Jay and Dr Scott worked in the reservoir today. They were clearing away debris and soil in order to find flooring and evidence for a sluice gate or something similar. 

Tomorrow the work continues and hopefully the days will continue to get more and more interesting.