Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Floors, Finally!

Today was the last full day of digging, and we all made the most of it! The team from Eastern Terminal Wall joined in the quest to reach the floor level in Facade Sounding 4, which finally appeared this afternoon after some heavy collapse-lifting. In Facade Sounding 3, Allison and Ana found the lower courses of the potentially Republican-phase wall they were uncovering below the higher floor level, at which point they finalized work in that trench and also went over to help out with Facade Sounding 4. Over in the Western Castellum area, a bronze coin of Trajan appeared just as one of the soundings was being closed out, which will hopefully help us understand the chronology of that area a bit better.

Professor Scott and Jay were down in the cistern for most of the morning, looking for the floor (which they found!) below several meters of mud and, eventually, water. Yet another floor was uncovered above ground in the afternoon - an extension of a Republican floor surface in opus spicatum (herringbone patterned brick) that had been uncovered above the western cistern last year. It's hard to believe there are only a few days left in the season, but today was a great one!

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