Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Last Day of Diggin

Today was our final day of digging. Well, actually, yesterday was. This morning was mostly spent cleaning up our trenches and making them pretty for closing photos. You know, the usual stuff: lipstick, mascara, wigs. All the things required for a proper glamour shot. Here's a photo of Allison looking sad about having to clean up and close her trench. Today was a very sad day.

Once cleaning was finished, Matt began taking closing photos. While he did so, everyone else took the opportunity to take their own photos of their trenches to show their friends back home how they spent their summer. Here's a photo I took of Sophie taking a photo of Ann and Christina's trench. It's very meta.

Here's a photo I took of Sophie taking a photo of me. It's even more meta.

Here's a photo I took of Andrea talking to Dr. Scott:

"Hey, Darby, I'd like you to meet my friend Kevin. He's a rock."
I wandered underground to the cistern to make one more quick search for Hannibal's lost treasure, and survey my work over the past few weeks. While taking photos of my trench, I heard some squeaking sounds from the back of the cistern. At first I thought it was the sound of trowels at work above my head, but these were soon followed by the sounds of flapping wings. Turning on my flashlight, I found our long-abandoned cistern had finally found some new residents: BATS. LOTS OF THEM. They moved in over night, apparently. The housing market is finally turning around. This photo was taken right before I woke them with the flash of my camera and they swarmed upon me:

Sophie abandoned us right before lunch. I cried. I said it was because of my wounds from the bat attack, but I think she knew the truth.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning and processing the finds of the past several days. This is either a photo of that experience, or the worst yard sale ever.


So our second season is coming to a close. Do I have any regrets? None, other than letting Hannibal's gold elude me two years in a row. Next year, my Phoenician foe. 

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