Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Rediscovering forgotten treasures in Cosa's dusty storerooms

Because of the rain on Monday and the lingering dampness in the trenches, the team spent the days combing through the magazzini (storerooms, Italian, pl.) of Cosa's museo (museum, Italian, sing.)

Among the stacked cassetti (trays, Italian, pl.) and hidden away in plastic bags under piles of broken amphorae (clay vessel for storing/transporting liquid, Latin, pl.) and atop dusty metal shelves lay long-forgotten finds from Cosa's hey-day in the mid 20th century.

Some of the crew set to cataloging finds from the current and previous year's season (as I'm sure the regularly scheduled blog post will describe in FULL DETAIL).

Others took up various other tasks.  Jay pursued his interest in mystery cults and ancient religion by investigating the supposed Mithraeum that was installed in Cosa's forum in late antiquity.  Jay, Matt, and Luca walked up to the forum to investigate the site of the Mithraeum, which was heavily overgrown.  Jay then scoured the card catalog of the previous excavations and found some sculptural fragments (a foot) and lamps (11, to be exact) that came from the site.

Matt photographed the entire Cosa Museum collection, using the grey overcast day (perfect for photography - no harsh shadows!) to not only digitally document every item, but also perform photogrammetry campaigns on a goodly number of interesting items, ranging from Griffon table legs to large, ornate, multi-flamed oil lamps.

A Draped Herm Shaft

Table Leg Clawed Foot

Head of a Herm Table Leg

Lion Head

A Table Leg in the form of "Pegasus" - sadly not a match for the above clawed-foot.

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