Monday, June 23, 2014

The Final Stretch!

Today marks the beginning of our final week on-site, and there is still much to be done!  Over the weekend, we welcomed back a team from Tubingen.  They have come to do geophysical radar at Cosa, which will be a great help in forming a better understanding of the baths and their relation to the site as a whole.

Work continues apace in all the trenches: a pavement was reached deep in East Terminal Wall, and the trench has been closed (for this season at least…).  In Façade Sounding 3, a sounding was made below the level of the floor, which has revealed tantalizing evidence of a Republican level.  A level containing large fragments of painted plaster was revealed in the Western Castellum area.  After being expanded for the second time at the end of last week, Façade Sounding 4 continues to present us with a perplexing series of walls and floor surfaces.  We hope that the latest expansion will help explain its relation to the Western Cistern area…stay tuned for more!

As the final week beings, our fingers are crossed for good weather.  So, if you are a friend of Cosa, pour libations to the storm god and ask him to stay away for at least a week!

East Terminal Wall 2 was closed today

I spent Saturday rummaging around in the Cosa storerooms in search of architectural terracottas, and found some very beautiful pieces!

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