Friday, July 25, 2014

Structure from Motion (Photogrammetry) of Cosa's Ruins

In addition to using the UAV to capture lovely aerial photographs and video of Cosa and the surrounding landscape, numerous flights were made with the purpose of digitizing individual standing structures through the use of photogrammetry.

By taking a photograph every second (with a 16-minute flight time, that equates to about 1,100 usable photographs of the "object") as the UAV circles, flys above, and through, the ruin, special software is able to accurately reconstruct the site as a digital model.

This is useful for documenting the "state" of the site as it exists today, as measurements can be taken, views rendered, and the model can even be put into a real-time viewer so one can interact with it or walk through it in first-person view.

When "reconstruction" models are made of the site, they can be displayed alongside the "state" models.

Here are some photos of Cosa's Porta Romana, taken with the UAV this past June:

"State" digital model of the Porta Romana, created from ~900 aerial photographs:

More to come!