Friday, August 1, 2014

Processing, cleaning, and publishing digital models

In addition to the work involved in gathering the data for 3d models (reference material, if building it by hand; many, many photographs of the object if using photogrammetry), there are the hours spent processing or building each model, then cleaning up each result using digital modeling software, and, finally the question of how to best present a model or collection of models.

In the coming months I hope to add all of the digital models begun this summer to a new portion of the Cosa website.  However, without any context, a model of a particular item or area of the site is not particularly interesting or informative.  The new "portal" on the website will strive to place each digital model, photograph, and video into the context of the site of Cosa, as well as the history of its excavations.

Here are some more digital models! Make sure to check out the numbered "annotations" giving a bit of information about aspects of each item...

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