Saturday, June 27, 2015

Last Day

Ahhh, the final day of the season. Once again, Hannibal's gold has eluded me. This marks three years, old foe.

As always, there is little to do on the final day of digging. The morning was spent productively cataloging, cleaning trenches for photographs, and piecing together all of the pot sherds found during the course of the season. When you think about, half of archaeology is a lot like kindergarten: They give you cookies, juice boxes, and you get to spend all morning putting together puzzles. Or maybe this is just Ann and Allison occupy me to keep me out of everyone else's hair.

Actually, all of archaeology is like kindergarten, since the rest of the time is just spent playing in a giant sandbox under adult supervision. And by "adult," I mean Ann.

After lunch was less eventful. Most of the afternoon was spent waiting for the correct sunlight for photography. Meanwhile, others continued to catalog and sort finds. This resulted in an abundance of people standing around without things to do. Here are some photos of this phenomenon in action:

Allison, Rebecca, and Ana happened to look like a Christian rock album cover, so I took a photo:
Allison and the Magdalenes: "I Dig God;" available July 7th in stores everywhere and on iTunes.
And then Megan caught Matt and me doing...Well, I don't know what we were doing:
"Well, we have all this fancy photography equipment. We might as well make some extra money on the side, right?"

Here's a nice photo of Rebecca:
"No Climbing" signs are no obstacle for Rebecca. Neither is illiteracy!

By contrast, here's a photo of the grown-ups doing grown-up things:
The amount of Excel spreadsheets in this photo bores my mind to the extent that I can't even think of a clever caption.

So closes another year. Role credits.

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