Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Captains Log: Day 3, work progresses at Cosa!

I'm excavating in Facade Sounding 5, which continues to provide us with exciting adventures in architectural features! Today we worked on removing the rest of the backfill from the part of our trench that overlapped with a trench from last year. We also uncovered a series of Travertine blocks that run right under one of the walls we uncovered yesterday. The middle of the trench was filled with massive amounts of rubble from a building collapse, but once we had it out we realized that one of our walls was actually an entry that had been closed off at some point during the building's use. We are hoping to expand the trench soon and see where out building comes into contact with the street!

In other news, the crew in the Eastern Sector moved a great deal of material. Their upper layers had a lot of modern material in it (a sardine can, for instance!), but some of the material underneath that looked remarkably promising - stones and tile spread across the entire trench. I have been assured that they are still eagerly looking forward to seeing how the puteal connect to the rest of the bath complex.

Our Western Sector found a new layer in their trench, which was identified by the color of the soil (a color that is called, quite mundanely, 'dark brown') . They also spent a great deal of time defining a wall, although it remains to be seen whether the stones' placement is the result of a nearby collapse.

-Nicole Colosimo

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