Friday, June 5, 2015

Day 5: At Week's End

Cosa Day 5 finishes off our first week on site! Morale is running high, as is the thermostat. Everyone is settling into their rhythms in both the finds lab and the trenches

At Facade Sounding 5 we have nearly finished off the trench, revealing the grand staircase marking the entrance to the bath. Although most of the finds were comprised of tile and wall fall from the surrounding structures, we did uncover a dagger blade buried in the collapse layer. As we neared the stair level we found traces of a red fresco that once covered the walls of the entrance, similar to the remnants discovered elsewhere in the complex. At the very end of the day we uncovered the middle of the lower step containing notches where a locking mechanism was probably located to close the doors of the bath complex. Next week we plan to expand to the South, hoping to find where the bath entrance meets the road. 

We ended the day with a site tour, seeing what has transpired in all of the trenches so far. Progress is varied among the five trenches, but results included a coin uncovered in Western Cistern Two, and wall segments that appear to be connected in both Eastern Puteal One and Central Sounding One. Everyone is looking forward to what the upcoming weeks will bring!

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