Monday, June 15, 2015

Cosa: Week 3

The third week of excavation began with the arrival of multiple new members, and the opening of new trenches. We are pleased to have Benedetta join us for the following two weeks from the University of Florence in order to work with Matt on digitizing and documentation. The excavation would also like to welcome back Jill,  a returning bone specialist. Her arrival was well timed as a number of large animal bones, which she has identified as a cow, were recovered from the bucket room. Landon and Leslie Thorne also have returned to work with the excavation for the week. Landon aided in the removal of the dirt from the bucket room, and Leslie is working with Sophie on revealing the wall.

Two new trenches were opened today. Ana's team opened a new trench by the entrance to the Laconicum.
Soon after they were joined by an additional trench opened in the same area by Allison's team. Work continues in Sophie's trench further defining the wall and removing the baulk wall which separated Anna and Sophie's trenches.
Work continues in the bucket room in an attempt to discover the original floor level. The level of the soil was dropped today over 50 cm, but the floor level has yet to be reached. A layer of rubble composed of large worked stones and pieces of concrete has been revealed, as well as a number of bones, pottery, glass, and iron nails.


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