Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Day 2: Can you dig it?

Day Two and we are finally digging in to our trenches!

I am currently working on the Western Cistern trench which – for today at least – mainly included the excavation and removal of large chunks of a collapsed wall. At the beginning of the day large rocks littered roughly three-fourths of our trench, which were only able to be removed through series after series of pick axing (as well as some careful speculation about which parts were wall and which parts were just ambient rocks). Nevertheless, by the end of the day the rocks were (quite satisfyingly!) removed, for the most part and, although much work remains to be done, it is wonderful to be able to see a stark visual progression throughout the day.

Making progress! 

I have been assured that the other trenches had a similarly positive experience today, with the Façade Sounding uncovering parts of a wall, which will probably continue out further towards the street. During their pursuit they have uncovered some charcoal, some glass, as well as substantial amounts of pottery and tesserae (as well as some marble!), much more – at the moment – than any of the other trenches. It will be exciting to see how the wall develops and if it does extend out to the road, as we expect that it will.

Processing our first finds!

In short, excavations today included a lot of removal of material in order to get a better understanding of the state of the trenches. The progress is methodical and is –ultimately – leading to some promisingly positive results! Bring on tomorrow!

Andrea and Darby getting in on the action!

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