Thursday, June 25, 2015

Digital Cosa - On the Site and on the Site

The Digital Cosa Project is an initiative to rigorously digitize not only the current excavations, the excavation process, and the many artifacts in the Cosa museum, and standing ruins themselves, on the site of Cosa, but also to establish an online presence on the Cosa website to allow visitors far and wide to experience the many stunning views, beautiful finds, and picturesque ruins Cosa has to offer.
View of the Arx, looking East
View of the Arx, looking North-East

With a combination of techniques and technologies, ranging from simple digital photography by hand, and aerial photography and videography with a UAV, to more complicated endeavors such as creating an accurate 3D topography model of the entire site and highly accurate 3D models of each excavation trench at key points during the season, the Digital Cosa Project hopes to bring the archaeological process, and the long history of Cosa itself, to life for visitors, students and scholars.

Orthographic image of the central part of the site, including the Arx, at low resolution

50% crop of the Baths portion and the large cistern, taken from the above ortho-image.
One new technique being implemented this year is the generation of orthographic images of each trench, along with a highly accurate 3D model, at key points during excavation: Opening of the Trench, Closing of the Trench, and various points throughout the dig at which important finds are unearthed or stratigraphic units entered.

Orthographic (perpendicular bird's-eye-view) of the Eastern Puteal 1 trench at closing (June 25)

In addition to all of the above, digitization and modeling, etc.., the excavations are proceeding with much excitement and many new discoveries about the bath complex, even in these final days.  All of the trenches have come upon architectural elements that make the diggers cry for another week of work and lament the impending closings and back-filling.  But these, alas, dear readers, are stories for another BLOG POST.


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