Thursday, June 18, 2015

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

18 June 2015

Elevated Cisterns 1 and Laconicum 2 expanded this morning in an attempt to uncover more of the semicircular feature found in Elevated Cisterns 1. The expansions yielded a cocciopesto floor in Elevated Cisterns 1 and rubble within void in Laconicum 2. Further explorations will be done soon.

The bulk between Central Sounding 1 and Western Cistern 2 continued to be taken down and hopes of flooring are rising. Work will continue on this section tomorrow.

Eastern Puteal 1 discovered a fragment of decorative marble that seems to be part of a decorative bathtub, furthering the interpretation of the area as a bath complex.

In an exciting turn of events, we had a visitor to the site, Giulio, who is a fellow colleague at Florida State University of many of the students here.

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