Wednesday, June 24, 2015

It's the Final Countdown!

Hi, everyone! It's our final full week here at Cosa for the 2015 season, and of course so many exciting things have been happening. Today we finished excavating the Central Sounding 1 trench, which had three different floors at the bottom!

 Evan and I happily working in Central Sounding 1.

The Laconicum 2 trench was also closed today, after it yielded many tessera pieces from fragments of mosaics, two fragmentary Campana plaques, and an abundance of cow bones. They also revealed a wall and tile floor!

  Campana plaques.

Ann and Nora have been digging in a pit feature of the Puteal trench, which has yielded a large amount of material, including many fragments of a thin walled ware vessel I've been putting together eagerly in the afternoons. They also found many animal bones, decorated plaster, tesserae, a glass pyxis, and numerous lamp fragments.

Jay checking out the thin walled ware vessel after lunch.

What I've put together of the thin walled ware vessel.

The Eelevated Cistern 1 trench has also yielded a tremendous amount of material! Just today they found a burn layer, a fragment of a marble statuette, a fragment of a stone door jamb, and a fluted column fragment.

A view of Elevated Cistern 1.

Overall, it has been a very productive week thus far for the trenches, finds processing, and general documentation.

Christina diligently tagging a special object from the Elevated Cistern 1 trench.

Matt working on the photos he took with his drone this morning.

A busy a productive afternoon in the magazzino: Matt is processing his photos and Emily and Benedetta are labeling and processing artifacts. 

And for a special treat: Credit to Matt for snapping these beautiful photos of the site!

Entrance to the Forum

 View of the Landscape from the Site

Sadly, today was Christina's final day. We will miss our fearless leader of the magazzino!

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