Monday, June 8, 2015

Pickin' up the Pace!

We spent a relaxing and exploratory weekend, with different members of the team travelling to a variety of Tuscan destinations (including San Gimignano, Pitigliano, Siena, and Capalbio).  Now we are back, rested, and ready for Week Two!

Façade Sounding 5 opened an expansion to the south today, in order to reveal the relationship between the street and the bath complex’s grand entrance.   

Rebecca--excited to expand Facade Sounding 5!

Western Cistern 2 is now getting so low that access in and out has become problematic!  No floor has yet been reached, but hopes remain high.  More of a large East-West wall is now visible cutting across Eastern Puteal 1 and Central Sounding 1.  It is the same wall that was partly uncovered (father west) in Façade Sounding 4 last season.  If it turns out to be one uninterrupted wall across the entire area, we may be dealing with a very large space in the bath’s central sector! 

John and Nora revealing the East-West wall

North of the wall in Central Sounding 1, we came across a deep layer of collapsed rock and brick/tile, similar to what was removed previously from Western Cistern 2.  Among the rubble was a lovely fragment of architectural terracotta!  Other exciting finds of the day include two coins from Eastern Puteal 1 and the Western Castellum.

Architectural terracotta from Central Sounding 1

Outside the bath complex, Jay and Andy began clearing the area of the Mithraeum.  More on this once their initiation is complete…

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