Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Rain Day

Due to thunderstorms overnight, our trenches were totally undiggable today.  Instead, we used our time to catch up on documentation and do some work in the magazzini.

Christina (one of our fearless leaders) and Rebecca reprocessing finds from Summer 2013 inside the Magazzino.

Emily (our other fearless leader), Benedetta, and me processing the finds from yesterday.  Emily and Andy (just out of the frame) were counting artifacts and writing out identification tags.  Benedetta tied the bags and I had the *most important* job of poking holes in the sealed bags so that the artifacts can breathe.

Jill hard at work identifying not only the bones we are pulling out this year, but also those discovered in the 2014 season after she had left.  In the background you can see Nikki and Liz patiently scanning old artifact catalog cards.

Clean cassette freshly labeled, care of Rebecca, awaiting our new discoveries (hopefully tomorrow!).

Darby sits down for a rest and a chat with Graziano (one of the museum employees and a good friend to the excavation).

Finally, the museum cat, Misha, supervises and offers morale boosts during our rain day.

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