Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Today we continued excavating in areas that had been opened in the past weeks and another, new area near the Laconicum. In the bucket room, the excavators hit water, which may indicate that they are near to the floor, which is exciting news!

Sophie and Evan explored the magazzino, searching for past, as well as recent finds.

Ana's trench near the Laconicum produced the remains of a wall that appears to be in conjunction with the walls of the Laconicum uncovered two years ago.

Allison, Rebecca, and Landon opened a trench near Ana's, also in the vicinity of the Laconicum. While things were looking unappealing at first (early in the excavation of the trench, there seemed to be a piece of fallen vaulting that constituted a large portion of the trench), the situation quickly turned around in the afternoon. The "vaulting" now looks to be an apsidal wall with pieces of marble facing peeking from the soil.

A terracotta plaque was also found in this new trench, which depicts two male nudes dancing!

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