Friday, June 10, 2016

Another day of Rain, Another day in the Mag

While the Cosans may have been happy for all this rain, we surely were not (oops, sorry for calling you Shirly again). A huge thunderstorm that shook the Torre del Saline and had us quaking in our boots also dumped a large amount of water on the archaeological site of Cosa last night, that meant a late start today.

Abbey preping storage material 

We headed to the museum and worked in the magazzino which we convert to a lab space during our stint here (magazzino means store room for those who forgot last summer's Italian lesson). We have pulled so much stuff from the bath over the last 4 years that it can become overwhelming for our dedicated and diligent lab dictators Christina and Emily (sorry I just had to go for the alliteration, they are super nice and not like a dictator at all). We pulled old artifacts and proceeded to weigh, rebag, and retag them. And while it was a shame most of us didn't get to dig today, the amazing part was we got through the back log! :)
Our Fearless Leaders

A few lucky souls were able to start work again after lunch. Sophie (who arrived yesterday from Germany) and Allison were starting in top soil and the soil was dry enough to start in the afternoon.

Melissa having too much fun repackaging.
So while we all head off to different adventures this weekend, we all say a little non-denominational pray.

Big (or little) God (or gods) in the sky (or where ever) please let the rain stop so we can finish working. Amen (please try to picture that Amen, with a large chorus of professional singers and an organist playing in the back ground, much obliged).

I got to work at the kids table typing up SU sheets.


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