Thursday, June 16, 2016

Drop It Like It’s Hot: The Evolution of a Trench

As we’ve reached about the halfway point of the season (see Liz’s post!), I thought it might be fun to take a look at the trench I’m in and how far we’ve come. I’m working in Ann’s trench, SNP (“Street N Probe,” or, more affectionately, “SNAP!”). So far, the trench has two walls, one in the northern end and one in the southern end, along with some brick stamps, large chucks of marble, a loom weight, drain pieces, and all sorts of neat finds. I’ve been taking pictures for my personal* use on most days, so let’s embark together on a little journey through the last two weeks!
*hence the bad shadows in some photos and the portion of my finger in another - sorry!

Ahh, our humble beginnings - the southern end of the trench on Wednesday, June 1st. What would turn out to be the southern wall is just starting to peek through! That root also gave us lots of problems, as would many others as we dug down. 

Thursday, June 2nd. Progress on the southern wall! And more giant roots!

Monday, June 6th. The northern wall is making itself known while we continue to reveal the southern wall. We focused on the area between the two walls from this point on!

At roughly the one-week mark on Wednesday, June 8th! You can see by the baulk wall how much we’ve been able to drop the trench – and look at that nice corner on the northern (right) wall!

Monday, June 13th. A few days are missing in between this and the last picture because of the two rain days we had on the 9th and 10th. We got back to work on Monday and continued investigating in between the two walls. The walls continued as we went down, and it was a lot of fun to define them! At this point the southern wall stretched the full length of the trench in the east-west direction and was starting to look pretty nice.

Also Monday, June 13th, this time the northern wall. It appeared, at this stage, that the large rocks near the baulk had crashed through the wall.

Tuesday, June 14th. The southern wall just keeps going down! It turns out there is stone below the brick coursing. The arrow is pointing to a small portion of wall that is abutting the southern wall.

Here’s the northern wall on Tuesday, June 14th. The rocks that we thought broke through the wall were removed, and it turns out that the wall has a finished edge - as does the small wall portion in the previous picture!

Here’s a view of the two walls, at either end of the picture, with the two smaller portions of walls with finished edges coming toward the center of the photo. Do we have a threshold of some sort in between these? Hopefully we can find out in the coming weeks!

 Here are two pictures of the trench and the walls as we left them this afternoon!

To conclude, here’s a couple of pictures of some of our cool finds!
A cassetta with some of our finds – the large curved portion in the bottom of the photo may be part of a drain pipe!

A (slightly blurry) picture of one of the brick stamps found in our trench (plus my chipped nail polish!)

I hope you enjoyed these photos – we can’t wait to see what else we find in the SNAP trench!


P.S. Bonus Features!
This post was originally supposed to go up on Wednesday, but due to technical difficulties it's going up Thursday! Here are two updates from today:

 We did find some sort of surface between the two walls! It may be cocciopesto.

To the north (outside) of the northern wall is a feature that may be a drain...  stay tuned!

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