Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Impressions at Cosa - One Footprint After Another

Since I was slightly unsure what to write for today's blog post, much of today's information will focus on Ana's trench in Laconicum 3, which has progressed significantly during the last few days. We have exposed more of the wall that expands from the earlier excavated laconicum, as well as a corner. By the end of the day, the rest of the "divider" feature that borders Allison's eastern trench wall was uncovered.

Section of Ana's trench with southern corner and "divider" feature.

Larger portion of Ana's trench that shows the rubble fall.

Abbey brushing the dividing feature in Ana's trench.

Any archaeologist knows that weird things are found all of the time that can't quite be explained. Today that manifested in a linear chunk of cacciopesto along the west of the stratigraphic unit we were excavating in. Since there did not appear to be anything of significance beneath it, we were allowed to hack away at the chunk until it was removed.

Handy Andy, Ana, and Abbey excavating near the cacciopesto feature.

In the afternoon, amidst the windy dust that continued to blow in our faces and obstruct our ability to see clearly, another footprint was added to our ongoing series that we have decided to call 'Impressions at Cosa'. The first of the three, a hoof (probably boar), was uncovered sometime last week. The second premiered yesterday on Facebook and was the imprint of a dog's paw. Today, we discovered a human (albeit small) footprint imbedded in a tile fragment. We are currently taking bets on what will be next. Maybe Mischa's?

Andy brushing off the human footprint.

"Canus Cosanus" aka dog footprint uncovered yesterday in Laconicum 3.

Human footprint imbedded in a tile fragment.

Finally, I feel there should be an ode to the persistent wasp that flew around the trench this afternoon.

Ode to Wasp (or Hornet, it was very uncelar)

Wasp, wasp go away, don't come back another day
We want to work, so leave us be
Otherwise Handy will bury or step on you, unsuccessfully

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