Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Forza Cosa!

In the northwest machinery room, we had already industriously moved a large amount of rubble and dirt under the benevolent guidance of trench-master Nora, and were eager to see what our trench contained. We were delayed by two rainy days with no digging and a rather pleasant weekend, and so the team was eager to get back to excavating on Monday.

Our enthusiasm was rewarded with two nails and a coin before lunch and another coin afterwards, along with a plethora of pottery sherds. Both coins are from the imperial period, one probably of Hadrianic date. My trench-mate Dillon and I were ecstatic, having each found one, and the workday sped along with great cheer.

Photo from our lunch break, the 2nd coin was found later

We also found quite a bit of animal bones in the trench, probably from goats, which I really get a kick out of!


A great day in the trench was capped by a great win by the Italian national team in their Euro Cup match- bravissimo!


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