Monday, June 27, 2016

Our Trip to Polveriera Guzman

On Thursday afternoon we were treated to a viewing of Polveriera Guzman, the Orbetello archaeological museum, by Camilla Moretti.  

Camilla and Jill discuss jewelry

The museum has fantastic displays, but unfortunately due to the bureaucratic and financial woes which plague the humanities everywhere it is temporarily closed.  We sure were lucky to get a private tour!

Nora and Leif admire some cases
Rebecca, Emily, Sophie, and Evan check out the displays

The collections range from Etruscan bronze vessels (7th-6th c. BCE) to Roman stamped bricks (2nd c. BCE to 3rd c. CE) to a modern cannon.  

Matt prepares to make a 3D model of the canon

(**pushes my glasses up the bridge of my nose**) My favorite were probably the cases with Etruscan bucchero vases illustrating the different possible vessel shapes and forms.

At the end we got to enjoy some spectacular views of the Orbetello lagoon and Camilla took a group picture for us.  Can’t believe it’s just one more week until this great crew disbands until next year!

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