Monday, June 20, 2016

Rustic Chic

Saturday afternoon, the Museo was transformed. After a tireless week of work excavating, our team joined with the staff, friends, and neighborhood community to relax and celebrate all things Cosa. Trowels, artifacts, and dirt were left aside (for a moment) for flowers, food, and wine!

A warm buzz of conversation replaced the sound of brushing artifacts, as the clinking of glasses did the clanking of picks and shovels. The party simply rocked!
Of course we didn’t forget, in all our Bacchic revelry, to contemplate more reasoned, Apolline matters. Three speeches were delivered (Landon, Andrea, Darby) on the theme of Cosa past and present--with a skill that would make even Cicero blush. In brief, together, we are all Cosans!
After enjoying ourselves and making new friends, we had the bittersweet task of saying goodbye to longtime Cosans, Landon and Leslie for the summer. Where will we be without them! (A certain trench will lack defined walls for the foreseeable future).
Thanks to Landon, Leslie, the Sanfelice family, and everyone who made the party such a smash, and to all the love and support for our hilltop city by the sea!

~Evan Waters

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