Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Day The Rock Ramp Died (and more)

It was an eventful day!

In our trench (Sophie's trench), we continue to dig up lots of collapse; -- big rocks, medium rocks and small rocks. Nothing worth saving. They all need a place to go. First the wheelbarrow and then the rock pile. The rock pile is an important (but uncelebrated) feature of the dig.

You should see our "rock schleppers." They have to start jogging down the hill to get some momentum before they push the wheelbarrow up the ramp to make their deposit. No hesitation allowed.

Around lunch today, our rock pile ramp died. See what I mean? Can you find the ramp?

Enter Alex.

He spent a HUGE part of the afternoon re-creating our original rock ramp. Success! Here he is...
(no, wait, isn't that a picture for an album cover?!)

You may think it's weird for me to focus on something as silly as a rock pile when there were important discoveries today. But, I want everyone to know that it is sometimes the "uncelebrated things" and "behind-the-scenes people" that can really make a difference at the dig. 

Other news of the day:
Allison and Rebecca found stunning pieces of marble in many colors. (red, yellow, blue & white)
Evan found an inscription. (Will Andrea buy him a bottle of wine? Stay tuned...)
Landon was interviewed on Italian TV, Grosseto Local Channel.
I worked on the cornerstone of a wall. Check it out...

And Andrea hosted a group of local, Italian high school students who got to tour the site and dig in the forum. You won't believe what happened...they found the most beautiful vessels! See below...

That's why, tonight, all of us are trying to figure out how to become high school students again!

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