Sunday, July 3, 2016

Goodnight, Cosa

Goodnight, shovel, trowel, and pickaxe swings.
Goodnight, soil, roots, and finding things.

Goodnight, plumb-bobs and elevations.
Goodnight, feature articulations.

Goodnight, buckets and dirt pile.
Goodnight, rocks, brick, and tile.

Goodnight, trench and baulk-walling.
Goodnight, sweeping and drawing.

Goodnight, bedrock and collapse.
Goodnight, soft broom handle taps.

Goodnight, sketches and photography.
Goodnight, maps and magnetometry.

Goodnight, cookie-break-time and wheelbarrow naps.
Goodnight, quick calculations on paper scraps.

Goodnight, drone flights and aerial shots.
Goodnight, 3D models, plans, and plots.

Goodnight, washing of sherds and stones.
Goodnight, brushing plaster and bones.

Goodnight, counting, weighing, poking bags.
Goodnight, writing all the tags.

Goodnight, museum, staff and visitors.
Goodnight, guest scholars and conservators.

Goodnight, Micia, the site cat.
Goodnight, Mt. Argentario with its hat.

Goodnight, streets, walls, and floors.
Goodnight, pools, drains, and doors.

Goodnight, ladders and deep carved steps.
Goodnight, underground cistern complex.

Goodnight, road system and city planning.
Goodnight, paperwork and digital scanning.

To backfill, backhoe, and site,
To all of Cosa (until next year!),