Sunday, May 21, 2017

Pre-Cosa 2017: Week 1

As we look forward to another exciting season investigating the bath complex at the Latin colony of Cosa, a small crew has already returned to Ansedonia to undertake some preseason work. 

Christina, our fearless magazzino (lab) leader, has been busy reorganizing and consolidating finds from last season in order to accommodate the new discoveries of this upcoming summer’s season (June 1st-30th).  She’s also dealing with various other backlogged tasks.

Christina hard at work in the mag(azzino).

Allison, Melissa, Nora, and I spent three days in the field reopening a section of Allison’s 2016 trench, Elevated Cisterns 2. 

Shot of Elevated Cisterns 2 on May 17th, before the “debackfill” process had commenced.
Wednesday’s work:  Melissa (and the rest of the team) remove the surface rubble and vegetation.

 As is wont to happen on archaeological projects, a very exciting find came to light there at the end of last season, but we did not have enough time remaining to fully uncover, document, and remove it.  This find, a large, marble labrum—a sort of bird-bath-looking-fixture of many bath complexes, attests to the wealth invested in Cosa’s bath block.

End of work day Friday:  the rubble and soil backfill of Elevated Cisterns 2 has been removed to the level of the geotextile placed at the end of last season.  The labrum is somewhat visible in the forefront of this photo, beneath the geotext, with its broken edge reaching skyward.

On Friday afternoon we celebrated the success of our first three-day week by taking in the views from Cosa’s arx, but Saturday we were all back to work again helping Christina with various other lab set-up tasks.  Tomorrow (Monday) we look forward to getting the fences set up around the excavation area, as well as the arrival of Andrea, Caroline, and Sophie!

The remains of the Capitolium on the arx against beautiful blue skies with a Nora for scale.

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