Friday, June 23, 2017

Floors were found and cookies were caught

As we finish us our third week, we have had a number of exciting developments in the field. But first, let me introduce Kevin! Kevin is an architect who worked at Cosa with Frank Brown and has returned to help with the architectural plans of the bath. His work is a great asset in helping us to understand the big picture of the bath complex and how our individual trenches fit in within the overall plan.

Examining the architectural plan

Kevin preparing to draw a floor surface

In Laconicum 4 a tile floor was found that was probably the lower surface of a hypocaust system, with many fragments of mosaic above. The tiles have a number of finger swipe designs, including even a footprint!

Tile floor in Laconicum 4 with a large fragment of mosaic leaning against the wall

With effort the large fragment of mosaic was removed from the trench, though possible stone colors and patterns remain to be studied.


Preparing to move the large fragment of mosaic

We see it's face at least!

On the other side of the trench Anthony countinues to excavated a possible drainage feature, giving many of us heart attacks with his trench acrobatics.

Most importantly, Emily and Anthony finally completed their epic cookie challenge  with this wonderful wining shot.

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